MandalaGaba was coded by Ben on a cold winter day by a fire in a remote location in Vermont. No expectations, just an eagerness to code an online mandala maker that didn’t suck. An amazing Reddit post later and people are passing by everyday creating mandalas on the website. 

User feedback was overwhelming. People found MandalaGaba to be a stress-reliever, a creativity enhancer, a cool mandala creator.

They are given the possibility to save their mandalas, which in turn gives us the possibility to share those mandalas. Some of these are posted on this website and others are present on the myriads of social networks we are using to spread the good word (links below).

We are currently trying to make the website better by redesigning it, adding features and making it more collaborative. We don’t want to overdo it because we are firm believers that simplicity and efficiency beats complexity and overzealous design.

For people who have any kind of interests in drawing, addictive online thingies, mandalas, digital art, single page no bullshit websites, doodling, time wasting and procrastination, please feel free to give MandalaGaba a try, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

You contact us at mandala at akrin dot com.

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