We just added the fill tool

If you want to fill your mandalas with color, that is now possible.

Just wrote a blog post on this here: http://blog.mandalagaba.com/miscellaneous-ramblings/2018/6/16/fill-tool-finally-up-and-running

This got me thinking about whether I should just copy paste the text of my post as this update post, and started thinking that that would just double up most of my posts, and that it would be cool if Squarespace allowed for the duplication of posts assigned to various area of our website. Then again, as mentioned I could just copy paste the text, but something doesn't feel right about doing that. Of course I could just write something different altogether for this update but that would go against my ethics on productivity, which is to avoid wasting time pushing unnecessary redundancies. And now I'm thinking that the time spent writing this entire paragraph, that is of course totally unrelated to the announcement of the update at hand, just made me waste a whole lot of time in addition to boring the readers of this blog, which as of today are probably only Google's spiders crawling the web.

So, as I was saying, the fill tool is now working and allows people to fill areas delimited by pen strokes with any color of their choosing. Hoorah.

Fill tool.png