miscellaneous ramblings

Miscellaneous Ramblings is a place where we will post stuff related to MandalaGaba, mandalas, and other stuff related to that stuff.

Collaborating on mandalas

The basics of Mandalagaba’s network engine

Mandalagaba has a robust networking engine at its core. Essentially this means it is possible to have multiple people drawing on the same session.

A word about Mandalagaba sessions:

Everytime one loads up Mandalagaba, he falls upon a random empty session. This sessions has an ID that can be found in the URL.

It is also displayed directly on top of your canvas:

Session ID.png

This session ID is unique and links back directly to your session exactly as you last left it. This means that whatever you do on your session, everything is saved in real time and stays put indefinitely.

This also means that you can share this session ID with anyone so they can access your session at any time and start drawing on it. All they have to do is copy the ID and paste it right after the URL http://www.mandalagaba.com. (for example: http://www.mandalagaba.com/#uwCEeX).

A great number of people can connect at the same time on the same mandala session and collaborate together on creating amazing designs.

Mandala Matchmaking

We have been wanting to push the network engine aspect of Mandalagaba a bit further for some time. To do so, one feature we implemented recently is some sort mandala matchmaking engine.

The concept is very simple:

You head to http://match.mandalagaba.com and you are brought to a page where you wait for a random person to be matched to.

We added one filter option for now: your gender.

Screenshot 2019-01-05 at 18.04.08.png

Once you are matched with someone, you are both brought to your new empty session and you can both start collaborting on designing wonderful mandalas.