miscellaneous ramblings

Miscellaneous Ramblings is a place where we will post stuff related to MandalaGaba, mandalas, and other stuff related to that stuff.

Welcome to the MandalaGaba blog

In this here blog we share whatever crosses our minds regarding mandalas, MandalaGaba, tech, art, stuff related to what we do or are trying to do or, what we're in and what we looking forward to getting into.

Here we also share content such as:

  • Images and videos of awesome mandalas our users created as well as images and video we produced,
  • Our Changelog that we are going to try to keep up to that (essentially a Changelog is a place where you publish all the worthwhile tech updates we bring to the MandalaGaba platform),
  • Our tech Roadmap where we will share what we are working on and what we planned  for the future in terms of features, functionalities and so forth.

We believe in transparency. It's always interesting to see what a project has in store for you. It also forces us to stay focused on what we want to achieve.

In any case, we're gonna try to make this blog interesting in one way or another.