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Miscellaneous Ramblings is a place where we will post stuff related to MandalaGaba, mandalas, and other stuff related to that stuff.

Making mandalas with a Leap Motion


Man, producing what you just saw was frustratingly tough.

First time I set up the Leap Motion, I thought this was going to be easy. I thought I would be able to mass draw amazing mandalas just by waving my hands in the air like I just don't care. Turns out you have learn to master the Leap Motion before you manage to make anything more meaningful than a smudge on your screen.

Actually, the first thing that was super challenging was to get the stupid thing to left click. I followed the basic instructions and read best practices on the net on how to set it up but I was having a very hard time calibrating the damn thing. It kept on right clicking, making extremely irritating "Thump!" noises over and over again and being very good at being very imprecise.

At first I thought my Leap Motion had issues. I am still not putting that possibility aside entirely but here's the thing: the more I practiced using it, the more I mastered its quirks and managed to be precise.

That being said, I doubt I would ever be able to do anything fancy with it. To put this into perspective, I was thrilled to be able to produce the ultra simple mandala you saw in the video above. In other tryouts I had managed to do crazy things like changing colors (which I actually really got a hang of after a while), adding tessellation grids and even changing stroke thickness when I was really lucky, but making all that happen in a flawless single shot with no bugs felt impossible.

I'm not pulling the plug on this yet though. Making retarded mandalas using my Leap Motion became somewhat addictive. I'll definitely try to get better at it in the future.



Baby Mandalamania

Exploiting babies for mandala art. Artist Photographer Gabriele Dabasinskaite should be ashamed of herself...

Kiddin' of course. Just yankin' your chain.

This artist came up with an amazing series of babies placed inside of circular symmetrical forms. Works wonders. Beautifully original. Ultimate cuteness is pushed to its climax.


We also find it quite amazing that Gabriele Dabasinskaite's website is called JustGaba (MandalaGaba... JustGaba... Get it?)

I picked up this story on My Modern Met's website : Sweet Photos of Newborns at the Center of Handmade Mandalas

The social network conundrum

Social networking is a tricky business.

I started our first post on Tumblr because it was engaging. Plus using a platform to write stuff on that already harbors a community also makes sense. But there is too much noise on Tumblr. I find it irritating.

I had been thinking about using Squarespace for the no bs sober design side of it.  Might keep Tumblr active too, just to see if I can leverage it's peeps to get to know more about Mandalagaba.

Diving into social media marketing shenanigans is tougher than I thought. At first we only wanted to concentrate on Instagram just to share the mandalas our users we’re creating and generate some awareness for our project. Then I realized I needed a Facebook page out of being struck by social-media fomo. Fomo means “fear of missing out” just in case (anyone investing in cryptocurrencies knows this acronym well enough). So my fomo syndrome is caused by wanting to reach as many people as possible. Not out of wanting to be popular but rather wanting to leverage our chances to attract eyeballs. Instagramers are not necessarily on Snapchat, nor are Facebook people on Twitter. Back in the day we were all on MySpace. Made things simpler. Communities can cross borders but they like sticking to their guns. In any case, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by how many social networks we are tackling.

Here’s the current mapping of MandalaGaba’s online presence:

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mandalagaba

- Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mandalagabazen

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/MandalaGaba

- Deviant Art: https://mandalagaba.deviantart.com/

- Imgur: https://imgur.com/user/Mandalagaba/submitted

- Gfycat: https://gfycat.com/@mandalagaba

- Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.fr/mandalagabazen/

- Tumblr : https://mandalagaba.tumblr.com/

- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsI0ggJHtMeBp0IQFht2eTg

I don’t think this is overdoing it. What this certainly is though is a pain in the ass. I mean maintaining everything in an orderly fashion and on a daily basis. As of today this is still something we have yet to accomplish. I'm not that consistent for various reasons, the main one being that I'm in my mid-thirties, got an active social life, a full-time job and other projects on the side.

In any case, there's a learning curve to maximizing what we get out of each one of these sites, and that too is a pain, but the bottom line is to post regularly to keep things alive. That basically means having a daily routine where you go from profile to profile to post your content. I know platforms out there exist to manage multiple accounts in a single interface. I've tried a couple already in trial mode (like AgoraPulse nd HootSuite). Didn't cut it for me for reasons I won't get into here. I used Iconosquare for 3 months for Instagram postings. Was cool but it only deals with Instagram, which is awesome if that's your main thing. They have got several features that others don't, mostly in on the analytics side. But I needed something that could manage other services so I looked for something else. I stumbled upon this post from Buffer's blog (who are one of the main actors in the social media management game) that actually convinced me to reconsider my position. I'm easily influenced.

This blog post has actually been under construction for about a month and this gave me time to test Buffer these past weeks. It's really cool and I stopped my subscription on Iconosquare. Not much to add on that end. It just works and cross-posting on the various social networks they propose is easy. Too bad they don't integrate with Tumblr, or even Giphy, Gfycat and Imgur. Have a hard time understanding why it's not possible to find one soft that manages every single one of these platforms.