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Miscellaneous Ramblings is a place where we will post stuff related to MandalaGaba, mandalas, and other stuff related to that stuff.

The Reddit Tsunami

Yesterday, Ben posted the following post on Reddit’s r/InternetIsBeautiful sub-reddit:

Play with Recursive Drawing


We’re getting a decent influx of traffic onto Mandalagaba. As of this writing it is still ongoing peaking right now at 45 thousand visitors for more than 2 million hits.

Yesterday’s number were also faily overwhelming (29k visitors).

Reddit waves are quite something when you ride them. They allow you to test drive the platform’s performance, you get tons of user feedback, users giving you bug reports and on top of that you’re getting massive traffic.

Pretty productive use of copy-pasting a link.

It’s an art to master Reddit. Everytime I try I botch it and 80% of Ben’s postings generate results, and sometimes even climb their way up to the sub-reddit’s front page.

We got about 120 comments, most of which are very positive and helpful. Some are negative of course and some are both, like this one “This is pretty cool but man... sometimes this can also act as a migraine aura simulator”.

We got tons of polishing to do on the recursive drawing facet so this facet can be somewhat of a brain teaser right of the bat, even for us.

Anywho, here are two cool drawings that came out of this Reddit wave.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 21.06.51.png