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Making mandalas with a Leap Motion


Man, producing what you just saw was frustratingly tough.

First time I set up the Leap Motion, I thought this was going to be easy. I thought I would be able to mass draw amazing mandalas just by waving my hands in the air like I just don't care. Turns out you have learn to master the Leap Motion before you manage to make anything more meaningful than a smudge on your screen.

Actually, the first thing that was super challenging was to get the stupid thing to left click. I followed the basic instructions and read best practices on the net on how to set it up but I was having a very hard time calibrating the damn thing. It kept on right clicking, making extremely irritating "Thump!" noises over and over again and being very good at being very imprecise.

At first I thought my Leap Motion had issues. I am still not putting that possibility aside entirely but here's the thing: the more I practiced using it, the more I mastered its quirks and managed to be precise.

That being said, I doubt I would ever be able to do anything fancy with it. To put this into perspective, I was thrilled to be able to produce the ultra simple mandala you saw in the video above. In other tryouts I had managed to do crazy things like changing colors (which I actually really got a hang of after a while), adding tessellation grids and even changing stroke thickness when I was really lucky, but making all that happen in a flawless single shot with no bugs felt impossible.

I'm not pulling the plug on this yet though. Making retarded mandalas using my Leap Motion became somewhat addictive. I'll definitely try to get better at it in the future.