What we want/plan to work on and/or what we're making progress on.

  • User accounts:

    • Getting a little closer but meh…

    • UPDATE 19/03/21: Becoming a reality soon

  • Adding a relaxing zen deep sleep yoga music player:

    • Gonna happen someday.

    • UPDATE 29 of July 2018: Might happen sooner than expected. We're thinking about zenifying Mandalagaba to the max by designing another version stripped of anything that is not immediately understandable.

    • UPDATE 19/03/21: Ok, this is taking a bit longer than expected but we talked about it not long ago, and groundwork has been done already to add the player. Rob needs to send Ben some Mp3s for a month now :)

  • Mandalagaba zen version

    • We thought about working on a new version of Mandalagaba that will focus on having only ultra simple controls available to users. We're thinking about adding cool thingies like a relaxing zen deep sleep radio, background images and videos and even auto-art generation functionalities. All of this is still in its conception phase.

    • UPDATE 19/03/21: We’re still thinking this through.


Completed to-dos that were once in the Ongoing section above. We could add tons more in here, and eventually in the future there will be tons more but we only went so far back when we started this roadmap.

  • Tessellation engine:

    • Home run!

  • Minimizing tools panel:

    • Bam!

  • Interface redesign V2

    • Over with.

  • Replay functionality:

    • Ongoing / Almost done

    • UPDATE 29th of July 2018: Kablamo!

  • Revamped iPhone app:

    • Ongoing. Hopefully in a week

    • UPDATE mid June 2018: Now a month went by and still at the same point :)

    • UPDATE 29th of July 2018: the V2 is live (and has been for at least 2 weeks).

  • Fill tool:

    • Happened out of the blue

  • Snowflake mode:

    • V1: Check! (December 15th 2018)

  • Match making V1 mode:

    • Check (December 29th 2018)

  • Recursive drawing

    • A new recursive drawing engine is on the way.

    • UPDATE: March 5th 2019: A thing of the past

  • Interface redesign V3

    • We know we could make things much easier for users with some simple re-structuring of the current interface.

    • UPDATE 19/02/05: We decided to divide Mg into multiples facets. Working on that right now. Gonna be rad.

    • UPDATE 19/03/01: Hole in one my friends!


Mandalagaba gallery:

  • Started poking at it. This gallery is supposedly going to allow us to do various things in the future. One of its first purposes it going to be portraying all the cool mandalas our users create and that we put aside.

  • UPDATE: Ben poked at it a month of 2 ago. Besides wasting time try to implement some gallery plugin he found online and mold it into something worthwhile just to realize the damn thing with bugged, he produced a good deal of frustration for himself.

  • UPDATE (December 2018): We’re gonna let this one slide for now.